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What does the future hold for Microsoft’s XBOX? Time Rust is bound to find out.

Microsoft is set to unveil their new XBOX console at 1 PM Eastern today, and we’ll be live blogging the event right here.  You can follow the live updates to this page just by parking here and hitting refresh.  Then on the Time Rust Brain Trust Podcast this week we’ll be going over all of our thoughts and opinions on what was unveiled today.

Newest Updates at the bottom of the page.

9:21 AM – I have created this post and have all my streaming equipment ready to go for the event.  Just over 3 and 1/2 hours to go!

12:42 PM – Closing in on the final countdown to the event.  I’ve got my popcorn ready.  What will we see today?  Games? Pricing? Playable on stage?

12:45 – Screen goes black and epic hype music starts blasting.  Almost knocked me out of my seat.   #XBOXReveal and a countdown clock appear.

1:00 – Here we go!

1:01 – They’re claiming they will change entertainment forever, again.  Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams want you to like this.

1:03 – Don Mattrick takes the stage.

1:06 – All in One System   Simple, Instant, and Complete.  You and your entertainment need to take center stage.  Makes your tv more intelligent.  XBOX One

1:08 – Redesigned Kinect and Controller.  Yusuf Mehdi takes the stage now.  Asking what if one device could control your TV?  Turns on the system using voice controls.  Showing bits of the new dashboard.  If this is actual Kinect working, and not just smoke and mirrors, it looks pretty smooth.  Integration with TV.

1:13 – New gestures for interacting with Kinect.  Snap Mode allows you to run multiple programs along side one another without having to shut one down.  Skype integration with group video calls.  Works in Snap Mode so you can Skype while watching a movie.  ESPN integration allows you to check your fantasy team alongside the game your’re watching with real time stat updates.  XBOX One Guide lists TV Scheduling and allows you to use voice commands to change channels and check out what’s on right now.  In your Favorites area you can pin your favorite shows for easy access.  You are now at the center of your entertainment.

1:19 – Marc Whitten takes the stage.  To give us the system specs.  System is connected and ready.  8GB of ram.  USB 3.0 Wifi Direct,  Blu Ray drive.  Industry First, 3 OS’s in one.  XBOX, Windows Kernel, The third one connects the other two OS’s.  New Kinect sensor paired with every XBOX One.  Looking at next gen Kinect.  1080p.  XBOX One Controller has integrated battery compartment.  New D-pad.  Thumbsticks look to have more grip on the edges.  No Start and Back Buttons, two new buttons instead labeled by symbols.  NEW XBOX LIVE, more powerful, more personal, and more intelligent.  more than 300k servers for new xbox live.  Content is stored in the cloud.  Dedicated Game DVR with editing and sharing tools built in to the console.  Achievements have more depth.

1:28 – Andrew Wilson from EA takes the stage.  Talks about new partnership with Microsoft.  EA Sports on Xbox One.  FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and UFC.  Powered by EA Sports Ignite, their new game engine, unveiled for the first time today.  Sizzle Reel showing pro athletes talking some nonsense about sports with wireframe animation overlays.  More detailed stadiums and stuff I guess?  Maybe?  This power creates human-like intelligence supposedly.  More to be revealed soon.  Is Ultimate Team in FIFA really the most popular mode in all of sports gaming?  Trailers for Sports Games on XBOX One. If this is in game footage, I’m impressed, but EA has fooled me before.

1:35 – Phil Spencer takes the stage.  Exclusive franchise, Forza Motorsport 5 running on XBOX One.  Looks really impressive.  Cars continue to show the new power of a console.  Available at launch.  Remedy’s new game Quantum Break.  Showing some live action video, then cutting into the game world.   Ship decimating a bridge.  Not sure what the live action stuff has to do with this game.  15 Exclusive games, 8 of which are new franchises, in the first year.

1:42 – Nancy Tellem takes the stage.  Used to work at CBS and Warner Bros.  XBOX Entertainment Studios logo on the screen behind her.  TV will be personalized to your tastes and needs with recommendations, and become social.  Shaped by the community.  Xbox is about to become the next watercooler.  Using Xbox technology to rethink different shows.

1:44 – Bonnie Ross takes the stage. Head of 343 Studios.  Time for HALO talk.  Merging TV with interactive XBOX One.  Announcing a HALO TV Series.  Live Action.  STEVEN SPIELBERG!!!  HALO The Television Series.  PREMIUM television series.  Hmm, Might be an extra charge for that.  I’d wager.  Partnership with the NFL announced.  Exclusive content with Smart Glass and Kinect to bring fantasy football to life.  New way to experience football.  Don Mattrick comes back out to talk about this.

1:51 – Launching around the world Later This Year.  No specific date given.  More stuff to come at E3 in a few weeks.  They’ll be showing some exclusive games there.  World premiere of one of gaming’s greatest franchises.  All DLC for Call of Duty will launch first on XBOX One, just like previous titles.   Eric Hirshberg comes out to talk about that before showing the next Call of Duty game.  GHOSTS has a new next gen engine.  Infinity Ward behind the scenes video plays. Looks like better looking Call of Duty.  Still Call of Duty.   Adding a Fable III Style dog, that you care about?  Using Sub Division surface modeling to increase the visual fidelity of the character models and environments.  Fluid dynamics and smoke,  they’ve also added an A.I. system, which could be a first for the series, I think.  Better physics, deeper character customization.  Still 60 fps, low latency controls, a great feeling game.  Video showing the old game and the new game, comparing the difference in fidelity of the two.

2:01 – Gameplay running in engine on XBOX One.  Call of Duty: GHOSTS.  Looks pretty impressive.  Looks like Call of Duty.  And that’s the end of the show.  More at E3.

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