The World of Darkness: A Tabletop Review

A game of mystery and intrigue set in a world of dark horror, filled with monsters you thought weren’t real.  Great times had by all!

The World of Darkness is White Wolf’s base setting for their tabletop games.  Originally published in 1991, this setting was based in modern times.  The night was filled with vampires and werewolves, even fey and magi.  In 2004, the classic WoD ended in a cataclysmic event that spanned every game that was set in the world. Then, White Wolf published the new WoD as a stand alone core system.  All of the other games it has since released were based on this book, and the Storyteller system it contains.

The Storyteller system puts you on the path to making a baseline human that lives and breathes in the modern age.  Then, as you play other games you put a template on top of that character to make them a Vampire or what have you.  It is a relatively simple system based on adding numbers into dice pools and trying to obtain a certain number on your D10’s to gain success.  This really allows for a game based on player choice to guide the character’s development, which is in a lot of ways more realistic than other tabletop games.   With things as simple as physical and mental stats, to skills and even merits and personal flaws, this game goes in depth.  If you can imagine the person, you can play them in this system, and that is what makes it so great.

There is a massive player based community that supports this game, even player written source material.  White Wolf always does their homework, making the setting as relatively believable as possible.  Even if you are playing a werewolf or changeling, they localize everything in actual mythology.  This really helps the players immerse themselves in the world that is fraught with dangers and things that hunt at night.

As a stand alone game, the WoD is very difficult, let me explain.  You are a normal human begin, living out your life in a world where fairy tales and legends are based on actual creatures.  Your weak, fragile, and in a lot of ways very ignorant.  These creatures have survived by hiding very well over the eons, and don’t take kindly to people snooping around.  You could become a hunter, trying to save humanity from what they can’t see.  You might get embraced and turn into a vampire, who knows?  That’s the beauty of the game.  It’s free flowing storytelling that lets the player work with the Storyteller to flesh out and create the narrative.

With a system that is easy to pick up and well written, the game is a great choice for any type of tabletop gamer.  In a world of dark horror, you can easily find yourself in social, combat, or even political situations.  The World of Darkness has something for everyone.  If you are looking to get your feet wet, or wanting to lead into White Wolf’s other products, WoD is a great first choice.  I highly recommend this game to anyone who love tabletop games.

Oxidization Level 5/5

The World of Darkness and all games mentioned are property of White Wolf Games

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