Werewolf the Forsaken: The Hunt Calls

A werewolf game that has more to do with spirituality and balance that brings back the glory days.  The days when the howl of a wolf at night sent chills down your spine.  The days when you feared the predator in the darkness.

You wake up in the woods, your senses are on overload with smells and sounds.  Your body aches with pains from muscles you didn’t know you had as you try to stand.  The air is heavy with scent as you turn to find the source, sniffing the air, eyes and ears alert.  You notice the taste of blood in your mouth and look down to see the remains of a deer strewn about before you.  You are almost startled as a tall man walks from the trees into a clearing, hands up in a sign of non hostility.  He’s familiar, you remember his scent as you rub the bite mark he gave you days ago.  Three more emerge from the shadows. The man says “Welcome brother, to the world of the Uratha,” as they all change into hulking werewolves.  Your beats faster as your form matches their own.  You take a deep breath and howl to the moon with your new pack.

Werewolf: The Forsaken is the spiritual successor of Werewolf: The Apocalypse.  The game is built around a very steadfast idea.  There was once a continent called Pangaea, and a powerful spirit patrolled the border between our world and that of the spirits.  Father Wolf sired children and passed his responsibilities onto the first pack.  He grew old and weak, and the first pack rose against him.  These are the forsaken.  Tribes of werewolves that took the responsibility of the great spirit, guarding the boundary between spirit and flesh.

The game uses the new WoD setting and carries very similar character creation rules to Vampire: The Requiem.  You build a human first, then apply your werewolf abilities.  You choose your tribe, your auspice, and your pack totem.  The game revolves around policing your territory and keeping humans and spirits where they belong.  While you have the ability to turn into a werewolf, the game is not always about combat.  There is a huge political element, as you need the cooperation of spirits to learn new powers.  The only catch is that the spirits hate werewolves because they hunt them.  You must strike bargains and find balance in most things to get what you need.

Werewolves are complex creatures, in ways more than vampires.  They are part spirit, part human, and part wolf.  The player must find balance between the three aspects of himself, never letting one take control.  When you must hunt, you are predator.  When you must blend in, you are human.  When you must cross over to deal with spirits, you become like them.  Three parts to a very awesome whole.  This is one of the only WoD games that has a defined line of where you stand.  You are the guardian of the gate, the warden of spirits.  It is your job to keep the peace between both sides.  You are a werewolf.

The game is well balanced and very well written.  As always, White Wolf presents us with a product heaped in real world lore and mystery.  The spiritual aspect of the game is well thought out, allowing you to gain spirit allies if your savvy enough.  With equal amounts of combat and intrigue, werewolf the forsaken is well worth a look.  Unlike vampire, you must hunt and fight to survive more often.  This lends to a more combat oriented game easier than other WoD titles.  If you want to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing that guards the mortal world, Werewolf: The Forsaken is for you.

Oxidization Level 5/5

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