Vampire The Requiem: No Emo or Sparkles, Honest!

Finally, a vampire concept that has nothing to do with teen drama, sparkles, or poorly written source material. 

Your eyes snap open as a gasp escapes your lips.  As they come into focus you look around the room, disoriented and addled.  You see a couple of blood bags on the coffee table next to the couch your on, along with a note saying, “Drink up and call me.”  Your body aches as you stare at the red bags, and your hunger takes over.  Horrified, you tear into the plastic with fangs and drink down the contents greedily.  Your mind hazes over as you are filled with the substance it longed for, and you realize something…your heart isn’t beating.

Vampire the Requiem is the spiritual successor of White Wolf’s best selling table top game, Vampire the Masquerade.  It is set in the new World of Darkness and gives you full control of one of the most beloved supernatural creatures, the vampire.  The core book itself is well written and very easy to pick up.  You choose a vampire clan, and then you get powers to play around with.  Turn into a wolf?  Sure, why not!  Walk unseen by mortals as you stalk them?  Oh, yes please! Between faster movement or dominating the minds of your victims, there is a wide and varied range of abilities.  If the clans aren’t enough, choose a bloodline to further define your character, and there are a lot to pick from.

The character stumbles into a world of elder vampires struggling for control over the mortal world as they carve out their territory.  Not specifically a combat oriented game, Requiem focuses on the politics and intrigue of vampire society.  Filled with powerful covenants with their own ideals and theories on a kindred’s part in the world, you could play out an entire game based on night to night survival.  As the character struggles with their inner predator, they must maintain their humanity, and try to keep their vampire side hidden.  What better place than to be the wolf amongst unsuspecting sheep.

The game itself has a huge and varied selection of well written source books, all useful.  All are great editions to any chronicle, offering many options to help flesh out your vampire.  As usual, White Wolf bases much of the ideas in the book upon actual vampire mythology to help immerse the players.  This makes for some intense games, some of which might be completely comprised of talking to NPC’s and whatnot.

If you are interested in the idea of playing a predator of the night.  You might be up for the challenge of wading through the politics and plain old night to night survival of Vampire the Requiem.  If you love vampires, this game is worth a serious look.

Oxidization Level: 5/5

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