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So I’m not going to lie, I really secretly wanted to see this show and find out what’s it’s about. I’m usually into reality tv shows all about girls and their drama, but I was surprised how much I really liked this show.TD_101_Photo_016

My favorite diva on the show is Natalya. She just seems like the most leveled head of the bunch. I felt bad for her in this episode though. As she was getting prepared for the divas match at Wrestlemania she was told that she wouldn’t be wrestling and she would be replaced by the Bella Twins. To had insult to injury she has to interview the WWE stars as they walked the red carpet for Wrestlemania and she also has to train the newbies. What a way to start a day .TD_101_Photo_014

Ava Marie who one of new divas and she is already on the Bella twins radar.  The Talent Relations people wanted her to dye her hair blonde because her original hair color is brunette and she looked like she could be mistaken for a Bella twin. As she is about to get her hair dyed she decides to take it upon herself and dye her hair red. Talent relations was not happy about her not doing what they ask but they did like the red hair on her. They told her in the future she needed to do what she told. I like Ava Marie but I think she likes to challenge authority.

I have never been so annoyed by someone as I am with the Bella Twins. They come back after a year absent and the are automatically thrust into the Divas match a Wrestlemania.  The only reason I think they got the Wrestlemania gig is because one of them is dating John Cena. Nicole, who is the one dating John Cena is the more annoying one of the twins. She is also jealous of Ava Marie who is prettier and younger than she is. Brianna is dating Daniel Bryan and she is the more tolerable of the two. They both automatically hate the new girls, Nicole more so than Brianna. I also find it very hilarious that the  Bella’s match against the Funkadactyls got cancelled and they don’t get wrestle. I was very happy about that piece of news.


The Funkadactyls dancers other wise known as Naomi and Cameron are very forgettable than the other girls. The only interesting thing to happen to them was when Cameron’s boyfriend wanted to defend her honor because Brodus Clay yelled at them during rehearsal for Wrestlemania. He was determined that he was going to fight Brodus Clay but Natalie was able to talk him down. Other than that little bit of drama I don’t remember them in the show.TD_101_Photo_018

The other new girl JoJo is kinda forgettable. It could because we didn’t see much of her in this episode because they were focusing on the drama with the other girl. She is also the youngest of the divas so but it seems like we will see more of her in future episodes.

Overall I really enjoyed the first episode and from the previews of the rest of the season I think this is going to be a very good show.

Oxidation levels: 4 out of 5

Photo courtesy of WWE and E! Entertaiment

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