The Lone Ranger Review

I have seen a lot of movies for this summer. Movies ranging from Star Trek Into Darkness to White House Down and beyond. But with all the films watched this summer never and I mean never have I seen one so incredibly over hyped drivel as Disney’s The Lone Ranger. For the love of all that is right, I cannot fathom why Disney spent almost $250 million Dollars on this film project. They were better off taking the money wiping their butts with it and then throwing the cash to the masses. Based off the T.V. and radio show of the same name this Lone Ranger stars Armie Hammer as the title character and Johnny Depp as Tonto.


Get me out of this movie Kemo Sabe!!!

Get me out of this movie Kemo Sabe!!!

Immediately you know this movie is reaching when you cast an A-Lister like Depp to play the supporting role of Tonto and have relatively unknown Hammer as the Lone Ranger. Disney saw this as a potential cash cow and cast Depp to secure summer blockbuster supremacy, a formula that worked with the Pirates franchise. Unfortunately this plan fails big time, what should have been done is have Depp play the Lone Ranger and have a unknown play Tonto. That would have made for a way more interesting element in the film. The stars themselves are only the tip of this iceberg as the writing for this film is atrocious. This film tried so hard to be smart, witty and enjoyable but it got lost somewhere on its way there.The characters were bland sticks in the mud. The movie writes John Reid as a know it all, pacifist, clown who bumbles his way through all situations. While it writes Tonto as the fearless, courageous, and impervious to harm. Lone Ranger and Tonto Riding


The overall story is okay at best but it lacks substance. I did enjoy the story of Tonto’s past that was very well told but other than that it is all cheesy one liners and bickering. The Lone Ranger is a western buddy cop movie that fails to deliver on the funny. The stunts and Special Effects were way over the top with Tonto doing gravity and logic defining feats. The whole train sequence in the finale will leave you going “What?” In the end if you really want to see it wait for it on Netflix.

Oxidation Level: 1 out of 5

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