Ultimate Warrior

One of my earliest memories when I was a kid was getting up on Saturday mornings to watch WWF Superstars. Being that I didn’t have cable that was the only time that I could watch wrestling so it was a real treat when it came on. I remember watching the show and hearing the music that opening riff and seeing a man run full sprint to the ring like a wild animal. Getting in the ring and shaking the ropes and acting all sorts of a fool, that man was the Ultimate Warrior. From his awesome promos to the moment he powers up watching the Ultimate Warrior always put a smile on my face.  Looking back he wasn’t the greatest technical wrestler in history but he had the charisma, that it factor that drew you to him. He made you believe in the power of the Warrior. He was my favorite wrestler as a kid and I am proud to be known as part of  the Warrior Nation. Sadly the Ultimate Warrior died a few weeks back not one day after announcing his new contract with WWE. My condolences goes out to his family and friends.  And though he is gone the Warrior spirit lives with us the fans, forever.

RIP Warrior