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Forever Evil #7 by Geoff Johns  Art by David Finch  DC Comics


After a month delay DC Comics villain themed event book Forever Evil #7 hit shelves this week and it was a pretty good issue. Honestly I have been in and out of this book due to the fact that it really didn’t appeal to me. Not to say it isn’t good, which it is, but its not appealing. Picking up the where #6 picks up Nightwing aka Dick Grayson has been captured, outed as hero and held prisoner by the Crime Syndicate. Attached to some “Murder Machine” bomb and in order to save their lives Lex made Dick flatline, which Batman doesn’t take to well. After Lex explains himself to Batman and then revives the Dark Knight’s protoge. As Nightwing gathers himself from his near death experience Cyborg arrives bring with him the newly defeated Grid. Cyborg explains to the others where the Justice League is being held which is inside the Firestorm matrix. The group the splits up as Lex and Bizzaro join the rest of the villains in fighting the Crime Syndicate while Bats, Cyborg and Nightwing go to free the imprisoned League. Fights ensue, secrets are revealed and Lex Luthor saves the day!!! Yeah, chew on that for a minute.

Oxidation Level 5 out of 5


Future’s End #3 By the writing team of Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens & Jeff Lemire  Art by Dan Jurgen and Mark Irwin

So in this weekly series by DC Terry McGinnis, Batman Beyond is sent back in time by his mentor Bruce Wayne to stop himself and Micheal Holt aka Mr Terrific from creating the metahuman hunting satellite Brother Eye. In this issue we find that Terry has been assaulting a Terrifitech facility trying to find Brother Eye, however Holt is watching the surveillance footage trying to figure out who is impersonating Batman. On the other side of the spectrum Jason Rousch and Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm are having a bit of a quarrel as Ronnie won’t release Rousch from the Firestorm Matrix because he is scared that Jason will tell everyone that he is the reason Green Arrow is dead. Raymond being selfish has made it his purpose to be Firestorm 24/7 and is now abusing his powers giving a tan to bikini clad women on rooftops. Jason says that he will get out and when he does that he will kill Ronnie. There was some other stuff with Grifter but it is a story I kinda just glanced over not caring about the character. Over all this is an alright book but I don’t think this should be a weekly as much as a mini event book but we’ll see how it turns out.

Oxidation Level 3 out of 5


Original Sin #2 By: Jason Aaron  Art by: Mike Deodato Jr.  Marvel Comics3775040-6376344485-ORIGS

Uatu the Watcher has been killed and now two team of heroes have been gathered to find out who the murderer is and bring them to justice. The first team led by Nick Fury has a cadre of heroes including Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Wolverine and Spider-Man to name a few the other team gathered by a mysterious benefactor consists of Black Panther, Emma Frost, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Punisher and Dr. Strange. Fury’s Team continues to track down the lead of the Mindless ones as the culprits. Wolverine, Spider-Man and Cap give chase through an New York office building. The creature attempts to escape by jumping out of the building but falls into Nick Fury’s flying car and using the car’s tech he uses its defensive weapons to tangle it then self-destructs the car. Meanwhile T’Challa, Emma Frost, and Ant-Man are underground with Moloids in a giant cavern with dead monsters. Lang is examining a gunshot in one of the monsters and makes a discovery. On the mystic plane the dynamic duo of Dr. Strange and The Punisher where Strange is using his powers to track murder victims of that realm. The duo come across a beast king of the ancient world who was dead for 85 years and in the dead beast Castle finds a green bullet. At the end of the book Fury’s team comes across the Z-list villain the Orb who is currently wielding the eye of the Watcher. As the book closes the Orb releases the power of the eye. A good story so far I am digging the team of Dr. Strange and the Punisher. I can’t wait to see how this story plays out.

Oxidation Level 4 out 5


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