Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Review

Percy Jackson:  Sea of Monsters

The Percy Jackson and the Olympian series is one of my favorite series is one of my favorite book series. I throughly enjoy the cross of Greek Mythology and the modern era. Everything flowed well with the Mist, the Olympians moving to the world center of power each era, etc. When I heard the Lighting Thief was going to be a film I was happy, dare I say even excited. Then I watched that monstrosity and for obvious reasons. It was boring, it deviated way to much from the source material, and the acting was sub-par even with a bunch of celebrity cameos. The Lighting Thief was a critical failure however fans of the book series came in droves hoping for a Harry Potter type treatment, boy were they disappointed. The fan support did bring in enough revenue to produce a sequel and thus we have the Sea of Monsters. Percy Jackson:  Sea of Monsters

Sea of Monsters takes place a year after the events of The Lighting Thief. Percy is staying at Camp Half-Blood but he is depressed because he thinks he is in a sophomore slump as far as Camp and quest go. It doesn’t help to have Clarrise, daughter of Ares, as the new camp superstar. Things are camp as usual until the arrival of Tyson, Percy’s half brother and Cyclops. Tyson is not a big hit with the campers due to the fact that he is half monster. Business picks up when the camp is attacked by antagonist and former camper Luke. They attack Thalia’s tree which Zeus used as a focal point for a barrier to protect the camp. The quest is to find the Golden Fleece which can heal all diseases and aliments. Mr. D, the god of Wine and camp director. With Clarisse chosen to lead the quest, Percy Annabeth, Tyson and Grover set out to find the Fleece themselves and save the camp.



Sea of Monsters was an improvement over The Lightning Thief but the franchise still needs work. There are noticeable changes since the first film like Anthony Head replaces Pierce Brosnan as Chiron and the introduction of Mr. D played by Stanley Tucci. In order to succeed in the future the Percy Jackson series must take some notes from other book franchises like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. The tone of the film is a little darker than the first and makes use of darker lighting tones. First, the films must come out faster. The actors aren’t getting any younger. Second they have to make the world were seeing feel real, not like a Saturday morning TV show. All in all it wasn’t half bad, so if you’re a fan of the book series you should go check this out.

Oxidation Level 2.5 out of 5

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