My Top 10 Favorite Anime/Manga Characters

Over the years I have a read a lot of Manga’s and Anime’s. From the Best Action cartoon on the planet Dragonball Z to the phenomenal work of The Breaker: New Waves. Through the years I have grown attached to several characters and now I have decided to list my top 10 favorites below. If you don’t agree please comment and list your favorites below.

10) Duo Maxwell – Gundam WingDuo3

Duo is the pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe, which in and of itself is pretty fricking awesome. One of the six Gumdam pilots Duo is the cocky American comic relief. Don’t let the funny exterior fool you there is a reason he calls himself the Shinigami or “God of Death” in battle Duo does work. In fact if it wasn’t for me seeing Duo on a Toonami Gundam trailer I probably wouldn’t have gotten into anime, because let’s face it Deathscythe is awesome. Besides, Duo makes Gundam Wing tolerable because who wants to watch emo Heero anyway.


9) Roronoa Zoro – One Piece



I like swordplay. I like pirates. I like samuari. But to have all three of them come together in one dude was totally rad. Wielding 3 katanas (2 with his hands and 1 in his mouth) you just know when Zoro comes on the scene things are getting real.


8) Hinata Hyuga – Naruto; Naruto Shippudenhinata_hyuuga__chapter_437_by_explosivechemicals


Hinata is the only female character to make the list. It’s not that I don’t like female anime characters but Hinata is just the one who stands out for me. The quiet underdog of the Naruto rookie 12 she endures being pushed aside by her father and cousin for being weak. Hinata instead of giving in finds strength in Naruto’s ninja way which pushes her to become stronger not just for him but for herself as well. Hinata is graceful with the strength of a bear and the fist of a lion.


7) Layfon Alseif – Chrome Shelled Regiosregios9_43

What I liked about Layfon was his mystery. The not knowing of the main characters backstory really draws me in bonus for him being a swordsman, a Heaven’s Blade at that. Layfon was for the most part calm, cool, collected. Everything he did had purpose and reason and I like that.


6) Son Gohan – Dragonball Zson-gohan_00252887

Son of the world’s strongest fighter, Son Goku, Gohan reeks of awesome. Even at a young age Gohan’s power was awesome.  Trained by Piccolo, his father’s one time enemy, Gohan grew in power but for all that training he was still a kid. It wasn’t until late into the Frieza Saga that I began to appreciate him. You see Gohan was a lot like me when I was a kid he bottles his emotions up until he can’t take it anymore and snaps. Although he has gotten better at controling his emotions he still gives into the rage every now and again.


5) Rock Lee – Naruto; Naruto Shippudenlee1


The green beast, taijutsu master, and over all good guy, Rock Lee one me over with his fight against Gaara during the Chunin Exams. Despite not having ninjitsu or genjutsu Lee held his one against a Jinchuuriki in Gaara of the village Hidden in Sand. In the end Lee lost the fight but not before giving Gaara the fight of his life. Lee has unparalleled discipline when it comes to training. He trains so hard to prove he can be a splendid ninja with out ninjitsu or genjutsu.


4) Shi-Woon Yi – The BreakerSoul-Crushing_Strike_Against_Chun-Woo

If it wasn’t for Steve getting me into this manga late last year, Shi-Woon wouldn’t even be on this list. The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves  is martial arts manga hailing from Korea. This manga is very well written. Shi-Woon was a coward until a chance encounter with a martial arts genius, the Nine Arts Dragon, Chun-Woo Han. Shi-Woon makes the list because of his growth as a person he makes the transition from naive coward to brave confident leader. He is dedicated to the cause of protecting the weak because he was once weak himself. I love that quality.


3) Kenichi Shirahama – Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple History's.Strongest.Disciple.Kenichi.full.1017434


Kenichi reminds me a lot of Shi-Woon but with one catch Kenichi is not gifted for Martial Arts. Now Shi-Woon isn’t qutie gifted either but he has a handicap that gave him almost unlimited Ki. Kenichi instead powers through with hard work and will. The kid does not give up easily put the safety of his friends or masters in the mix and your in for a long fight. Kenichi is trained by not 1 master but 5 and it shows in his fights. He is the closest thing to a mix martial artist as he trains in Karate, Muai Thai, Chinese Kempo, Jujitsu and Weapons. Kenichi will defend those he cares about with reckless abandon and takes on all comers as Ryozanpaku’s #1 disciple.


2) Naruto Uzimaki – Naruto; Naruto


This one may seemed cliche but I actually hated Naruto’s character at first. He was whiny, brash, and extremely annoying. It wasn’t until the fight with Neji Hyuga at the Chunin Exams where my opinion of Naruto began to change. Watching the failure beat the pure genius was amazing and cemented Naruto as character to watch. He continued to grow as he learned the Rasengan and even into Shippuden where he became the Toad Sage. Naruto has become a Hokage level ninja without passing the formal rank of genin. He has surpassed his Master Jiriaya and his father the 4th Hokage. Where he goes next his up to him.


1) Piccolo – Dragonball; Dragonball Z; Dragonball GTpiccolo


The look on the photo above says it all. Piccolo is silent thunder, he doesn’t say much but when he does believe that he is gonna back it up with his fist. Piccolo is focused anger he is precise and to the point and always maintains his composure. The reason Piccolo is my favorite is because he had the most drastic change from being Goku’s rival and wanting to destroy the earth to literally giving his life to save it. When training Gohan Piccolo found what it’s like to be human and it made him a stronger being. If I were ever in a fight I would want him by my side.


So that’s my list but who are you’re favorite characters in Anime and Manga drop a line in the comment section to let me know. Until next time…buy more comics!

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