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Man of Steel


Let’s get this out in the open…I am not a big Superman solo fan. It’s not that I think he’s too much of a boy scout or anything because I am a huge Captain America fan. I just enjoy him more in a team setting like the Justice League. Well that and all the Superman movies, as a whole, kind of suck. The pacing moved like molasses, the writing at times was corny and each story was a bit more far fetched than the one that came before it. Out of the 5 films Superman only got to fight physically someone twice. Then there was the illegitimate super child, but that’s not what we are here to talk about lets launch ourselves into Man of Steel.

Man of Steel2

Handcuffs…I mean seriously guys you have to do better than that!


Man of Steel comes out swinging by snagging Christopher Nolan to produce, Nolan and David S. Goyer to write. Then you mix in director Zach Snyder with an all star cast including Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, and Diane Lane to name a few. British actor Henry Cavill suits up as the title character, a growing trend in Hollywood these days. Man of Steel is a great Superman movie it gives a great re-imaging of the origin story including a bigger focus on Krypton. I thought the first and second acts of the movie were good. They were well paced, exciting and told the story very well. Amy Adams was agreeable as Lois Lane. She was no way my favorite but she was leaps and bounds over the dreadful Kate Bosworth. The Adams incarnation of Lane is by far the brightest of all figuring out the identity of Superman in the span of a couple of days in movie time. However after that she spends a majority of the film suffering from “damsel in distress” syndrome. This Lois, in the latter acts of the film is more like 1950’s version and less like the tough as nails modern version we all know.


Kneel before Zod!

The rest of the cast was decent, Russell Crowe was a great Jor-El and Fishburne did good as Perry White. One of my biggest problems was General Zod. He looked like he was in CG for 3/4 of the movie. He wasn’t as menacing as Terrance Stamp’s Zod instead he plays of like a school boy who just wants his toy back. My other big problem was act 3 which was nothing shy of the complete and udder destruction of Metropolis. The fight between Zod and Superman was nothing less the genocide. Superman would have taken the fight somewhere less populated instead of the dead center of town. His need to protect life would make him move the fight. Well that’s in comic book land here in movie land its okay to open a black hole over the city and then wreck everything else in an extended fight scene. Also there was a serious lack of Clark Kent. Clark is the peanut butter to Superman’s jelly, he makes Superman human and vulnerable. Hunching over being shy and bumbling sets him apart from Superman’s strong demieaner. This is a good Superman film but only an okay film altogether. The writing was meh at best, the third act was Synder channeling his inner Micheal Bay and takes Superman out of his character,


Oxidation level: 3 out of 5

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