Last Time In…The Marvel U pt.2

Age of Ultron Event

In “Age of Ultron”, Ultron super A.I. created by one Dr. Henry Pym, has attacked and murdered 90% of the worlds superheroes in a matter of days. A small Avengers Resistance consits of Captain America, Iron Man , Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, She-Hulk, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Emma Frost, Wolverine and to name a few. Out of options the team hears about Nick Fury’s end of the world bunker.  On a recon mission She-Hulk and Cage find out that Ultron is controlling them from the future through Vision. At the cost of her life She-Hulk launches Cage from Ultron’s  fortress so he can warn the others. Cap gathers the team and with the help of Sue Richards and Storm the team floats off to the Savage Land to find Fury’s secret base.Age of Ultron

Upon arriving in the Savage Land the team finds a downed Quinjet. While they begin to salvage its parts, Kazar the lord of the Savage Land appears with info on Ultron that could aid the team. Taking the team to his human village were Emma Frost and Wolverine sense a dying Luke Cage. Cage had survived She-Hulk’s throw off Ultron/Vision’s tower only to be blown up in a nuclear explosion by Ultron bots. Reading Cage’s mind Emma finds out that Ultron is in the future orchestrating events in the past. Immediately after that Wolverine announces that Cage has died.AgeOfUltron_5_Preview3

Moving to the purpose of their mission the group goes off through the jungle to find Nick Fury’s secret base. Upon finding the base the team has a brief scuffle with Fury. After the fisticuffs the two sides compare notes and Fury reveals he has a contingency plan against Ultron. He takes the heroes to his Armory where we discover items like the Mark II Iron Man armor, Spider-Man’s web shooters and Cap’s Hardlight shield. Wolverine brings up the idea of going back in time and killing Hank Pym before Ultron’s creation, the heroes argue the consequences and morals of that decision when Fury says there going with his plan.  Fury then selects his team with Cap as field leader, Iron Man, Storm, Sue Richards, Daisy Johnson, Quicksilver, and Black Widow. He then orders everyone else to stay behind and they use Doom’s timepad to leap into the future. Wolverine has other ideas he has Hawkeye fire up the the timepad and goes to the past to kill Hank Pym. Will he succeed? Will Fury’s team survive? Does anyone not know the answers by now? Find out next time on Last Time in the Marvel U!2945066-ageofultron_6_preview1

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