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If you have seen the first Kick-Ass then you know pretty much what too expect from this sequel, ramped up violence and vulgarity. Picking up 2 years after the first film Dave (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) has retired from being a super hero but is still unfulfilled as more and more heroes emerge. Mindy (Chloe Grace Mortez) has been training harder than ever to maintain her Hit-Girl prowess. Dave gets tired of sitting around and wants to get back in to the superhero game, so he approaches Mindy for help. As the 2 heroes are training a new threat arises as the former Red Mist Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) swears vengeance on Kick-Ass for the death of his father. Chris embraces his life as a supervillian¬†gather an evil army to help him destroy Kick-Ass.kick-ass-2-image08

The story of Kick-Ass 2 was one of being a true hero when the chips are down. Mintz-Plasse does a really good job of becoming the villain. His learning journey is a strong opposite to Kick-Ass. Especially when he realizes that he doesn’t need to train instead he can just hire killers to work for him. Chris is determined to destroy Kick-Ass and all that he love and represents. Dave however is very naive to the growing tensions around him until it is too late. Dave’s journey is one of awareness and understanding the call of the superhero. And then there’s Hit-Girl who has probably the most fun and interesting story as she is forced to put aside the cape and mask and enter the world of high school. As Mindy she must survive the dreaded “mean girls” popular clique and the way she does it is hilarious. Let’s just say it involves a “poop stick”.carrey-gun-kick-ass2-610

Controversy aside Jim Carrey does an amazing job as Col. Stars and Stripes. The way he played the role was a nice homage to 90’s cooky Jim and I enjoyed that. The fight scenes were gritty and hard-hitting especially the Hit-Girl v Mother Russia fight, that was epic. Watching that fight gave me hope again for a Wonder Woman movie and female heroines and villians in general. In the end this film was okay at best, while definitely not for everyone it is decent hero flick. I would wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray or TV edit.

Oxidation Level 2 out of 5

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