Justice League vs The Avengers

Its been a long standing debate on which team would win in a fight.  There have been popularity contests and crossovers over the years, but nothing recently during The New 52.  I’d like to choose the best of the current JL teams and place them against The Avengers of current continuity.

A few posts from our friend Marqees have brought forth the “what if” idea of the Avengers going rogue.  He proposed a group of eighteen avengers from the A team and continues to build his opposing team to track and defeat them.  We have the idea to handpick our combatants and place them in a similar scenario.  Over the next few weeks I will post similar articles to his, but for the JL.  I will only use heroes from new 52 JL, JLA, and JLD.  May the best team win.


cover art and all heroes pictured are property of DC Comics

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