Justice League vs The Avengers – pt 2 Iron Man vs Cyborg

The next on the list of Avengers is another of the big three, Iron Man.  Tony Stark is a genius in several fields, and one of the biggest minds in the Marvel U.  Aside from being a billionaire playboy and philanthropist, Stark is a living legend.  He is an accomplished hand to hand combatant and strategist, and he has even been the commander of S.H.I.E.L.D.  He has built several suits of armor for multiple scenarios, and even went toe to toe with the hulk.  Tony started out only for himself and his company.  He wanted to make money and enjoy life.  This part of his origin has been pretty much the same.  Each retelling uses a more relevant terrorist group abducting him, but he builds a suit and escapes.  The heart injury he sustained during his escape has long been fixed, but the need to make a difference remains.  His current power set is a about as mary sue as it gets.  He has synced control of his armor, control of magnetic fields, and pilots the most advanced armor in the Marvel U.  He seems to have a fix for everything and his armor somehow contains it.  Its almost as ridiculous at times as Batman’s utility belt.

Who could go up against this god of machinery who sits atop his tower like the great Zeus upon Olympus?  A Titan, that’s who.



If your looking for technical expertise, a system hacked or boom tube opened, look no further than Victor Stone.  After a nearly fatal accident, his father brought him to S.T.A.R labs and turned him into a cyborg to save his life.  There was an unexpected event during this that bonded him to a fatherbox along with alien tech gathered from all over the globe.  The result was the creation of one of the JLA founding members, Cyborg.  Victor has proven again and again to surpass the typical expectations set by those that haven’t read much up on him.  He isn’t just a robot with a sonic cannon.  Cyborg is directly connected with all of earth’s networks, and displays technopathic abilities.  Not only can he hack anything, but he can alter his body systems and integrate new technology.

Cyborg’s vast array of weapons and exceptional versatility makes him more than a match for Stark.  His incredible intellect and sense of justice makes him more than the equal of Tony, who’s moral character has time and time again compromised his hero status.  I am confidant Victor can not only counter but surpass Tony at every turn.  Though he does not possess the vast wardrobe, Victor IS technology.  Its time to see this Titan dethrone Marvel’s technological king.

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