Justice League vs The Avengers – Pt 1 Captain America vs Aquaman

The first on the list is one of the most iconic super heroes of all time, Captain America.  Steve Rogers was given a “Super Soldier” serum in the onset of WW2, and became the only success of the program.  Said serum took him from a puny stick of a man to the pinnacle of human capability.  He has nearly limitless endurance, can lift 1200lbs with ease, and can run a mile in just over minute.  His body naturally replenishes the serum, meaning he will never lose his powers. (although shoddy writing has tried and will again)  This is what allowed him to be frozen for decades and be safely thawed out in modern day. Many consider Cap to be the foremost hand to hand combatant in the Marvel U, and the expert with shields of all types.  He has the experience from WW2 and a lengthy career fighting for Truth, Justice, and The American Way!.  Along with words like Liberty, Honor, Fairness, and Peace.  Well, peace through action.  Cap has ever been the “Big Stick” kinda guy.  Shown time and time again as he led The Avengers.  He always seeks to fight for the little guy, and the underdogs.  Ever vigilant for the “better way” to have the best outcome in any fight.  He is the best of us, and a standard to which the USA and its people should aspire.

Who would be up to the task of battling this noble warrior?  Who could match his strength and tactical skill?  The true king of Atlantis, Aquaman, that’s who.


For the longest time Aquaman has been seen as somewhat of a joke by most of the comic reading populace.  This, however, could not be farther from the truth.  Arthur Curry has had many origin and story revamps and lost a hand or two, but he has always been a powerhouse in the Justice League.  Aquaman has the strength to move an oil derrick, out swim a nuclear submarine, and the durability to withstand the pressure of the ocean’s depths.  He is an accomplished fighter with skills in both martial arts and weapons.  He wields The Trident of Neptune! This artifact weapon of the first Atlantean king not only signifies his lordship over earth’s oceans, but is massively powerful.  It can fire blasts of energy, torrents of water, and pierce through things thought indestructible.  (Like Darkseid and the mystic barrier of Dr. Graves) Aquaman was the first member of the JL in the new 52 to draw blood on Darkseid while wielding the trident.  To top all this off, he has great knowledge of Atlantean sorcery.

With his noble bearing and sense of honor, this king is more than a physical match for Captain America.  Though cap has taken down many foes greater than himself, I believe the king of Atlantis to be a worthy match for America’s most beloved champion.


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