Forever Evil #4 Review

I’m not going to sugar coat it DC Comics has not been on my priority in the past year or so. As the Comics editor of TimeRust I should be more partial but to be honest I haven’t liked most of DC’s content since the New 52 launch. There have been exceptions like Batman and Green Lantern but nothing else, however last month I began to pick up some other DC books including Forever Evil #4 the current event book that’s out. Quick synopsis of the event so far the Justice League’s (JL, JLA and JL Dark) have opened Pandora’s Box which brings out the Crime Syndicate from the Multiverse. The Syndicate “kills” most of the Leagues and take over Earth, uniting the villains and show their power by capturing and outing Nightwing’s secret identity. A few heroes escape death like Batman and Catwoman while Lex Luthor begins to mount the resistance. forever-evil-4-1

Forever Evil #4 Begins with Batman taking a blindfold off of Catwoman revealing to her the Batcave. Catwoman wonders about Batman and the plan to fight back. Batman reveals to her the secret room of counter measures to stop the Justice League including a Kryptonite ring, a Sinestro Corps ring, a lighting rod from the future and other weapons. Cut to Lex Luthor trying to get Black Adam on his feet after their lost against the Syndicate, with him Bizarro, Captain Cold and Black Manta. After some banter and repairs the team heads of to places unknown. The scene cuts to the Salt Flats in Utah where Metallo is attacking an army base looking for Gen. Lane when Ultraman shows up and rips out Metallo’s kryptonite heart, crushes it and inhales it. (Sidenote: Ultraman gets his strength off the kryptonite high.) Superwoman comes to him informing Ultraman that she is pregnat with his child and to watch out for Owlman as he is trying to convert Dick Grayson to his side and overthrow the Syndicate.Forever-Evil-4_6-7

It all comes to a head as Lex and his gang of villains meet up with Batman and Catwoman at Wayne Enterprises and have a showdown of sorts that is until Power Ring of the Syndicate arrives with Deathstroke and gang. An all out brawl ensues and Batman in one of the most epic panels buts on the Sinestro Corps ring to battle Power Ring, unfortunately the ring has little to no charge and dies out. Just when the battle seems lost Sinestro himself arrives to change the coarse of the battle. Forever-Evil-4-Spoilers-art-6

Over all this was a decent issue to the event book the art by David Finch is top notch and Geoff Johns shows why he is the architect of the DC Universe. I am growing weary of the Crime Syndicate and this event just seems really long and drawn out. If you want to read it I suggest waiting for the Graphic Novel to come out.

Oxidation Level 3 out of 5

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