Fate/Zero Dueling Continents! The Saber of Ireland comes forth!

As stated in my previous article, I will be putting two teams of mages against one another in a new grail war.  For the first time I will be using heroic spirits from Asia as well as Europe.  The first heroic spirit I chose was the Saber of Europe, a hero of Celtic legend named Fergus mac Roich.


Fergus was a skilled warrior during the Ulster Cycle of Irish Myth.  At one time he was king of Ulster, but was tricked and lost his throne.  He has a strong sense of family and is true to his word.  Fergus fought in many of the foremost battles of the Ulster Cycle, bringing victory or yielding when needed.  Fergus was said to be of enormous size, and many of his tales revolve around his lust for women.  While he had many lovers throughout the stories, none were as significant as the queen of Connacht, Medb.

Physically he would be nearly eight feet tall.  Very similar to Rider from Fate/Zero in manner, he would wear little armor and probably lots of woad.  He would sport a large beard with braids and show a fondness for drink only matched by his fondness for women.  A manly man for sure.

His most notable feature is that he carries an enchanted sword named Caladbolg.  The sword was said to be massive in size and larger than a normal man.  This is Fergus’ noble phantasm.  Legend says that when swung in an arc it would release a crescent shaped wave of rainbow colored energy.  As Fergus was strong enough to wield this blade single handed when needed, this would become a huge advantage as a projectile attack.  The sword was made further famous when he used its power to slice the tops off of three hills at the end of The Tain Bo Cualnge.  The full power of this blade would rival if not exceed Excalibur.

Every heroic spirit needs a focus to summon them specifically.  Legend says that a poet was able to summon Fergus’ spirit at his grave by speaking a poem.  He spoke with the ghost to gain the truth of of what happened during the Tian.  The summoning would take place at his grave with a copy of the poem present as part of the incantation.  The only other thing you would need to call him forth would be a piece of cloth from his lover Medb’s dress to coax him from the beyond.

Fate/Zero belong to Type-Moon and Kadokawa Shoten, Featured Image belongs to Wizards of the Coast.

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