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Today they showed 90 minutes of games, and that Xbox One is the best place to play games this holiday season.  They will continue to listen  to the community and make Xbox for YOU.  Phil Spencer closes out the briefing with  a highlight reel from all the games talked about and more.

1:54 – David Jones comes out to talk about a new multiplayer experience for a new Crackdown.  I was not expecting this at all.  I am pleased to see it return though,  I love collecting orbs.

1:52 – Platinum games comes out to show their new game for Xbox One.  Scalebound, looks like it bay be their insane take on  a Monster Hunter style of game, where you can also fly a dragon.

This game looks pretty interesting,  I really need to see an unscripted demo to really tell if it’s going to be good though.  Graphically pretty impressive, and if it has some of the open world sandbox goodness that they’re eluding to it will be interesting.

1:46 – Game director from Massive Ryan Barnard comes out to talk with us about Tom Clancy’s The Division.  Gameplay demo for a deeper look at the game.

I knew from the symbols for the powers on the screen and got way too excited.  Trailer looks awesome!!!!

Bringing back a game from the original Xbox.  OMG  PHANTOM DUST

1:43 – Ken Lobb comes out to talk about Killer Instinct Season 2

Game looks absolutely massive in scope.

1:37 – Now the crew from CD Projekt Red come out to show some new gameplay from Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  Gameplay is from about 10 hours into the game.  Showing the potion system.  Tracking a Gryphon across the environment,  you can traverse any terrain that you can see,  even the mountains far in the distance.  Combant and traversal look much more fluid than in previous games in the series.  There is dismemberment in combat.

1:36 – World premiere trailer for new Tomb raider game Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer.

Playdead studios new game,  looks visually stunning.  Inside is the title.  Director of ID@Xbox comes out, Chris Charla, to talk about the things to come from this program.

1:29 – Phil Spencer back out to talk about Halo more.  Halo is the reason they’re here today, it launched everything from their online multiplayer services and is the reason for their success.  Selection of 2015 games in a group of trailers.

November 11.  There are over 100 multiplayer maps.  That’s right every map ever created.  All playable in their original engines.  4000 Gamerscore.    Collection will also include Halo: Nightfall which is their live action series that bridges the gap from Halo 4 to Halo 5.   Halo 5 beta this fall.   Now a Halo 5 Trailer.  60fps on dedicated servers.

Entire Master Chief saga on Xbox one with Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  Everything they are showing today is a part of this collection.  Dan Ayoub from  343 comes out now with a controller in hand.  Single unified interface to access everything on one disc.  there will be a mode where you can combine certain elements from all games.   Halo 2 will contain the original multiplayer mode in full functionality!  That is huge news.

1:20 – Halo Legends trailer, then Bonnie Ross takes the stage.


1:17 – Moon Studios new game Ori and the Blind Forest has a new tailer.  2D side scrolling platformer.

1:15 – New Project Spark Trailer.  they have over 1,000,000 creators already, and more new features like multiplayer coming soon.  Conker will be in the game now too.  Random.

Multiplayer beta coming this fall.  Sign up at their website.

You can play as the villain in this game and set up all the enemies and traps in the world for the other players to overcome.

1:08 – Lionhead takes the stage to show Fable: Legends

Fantasia Music Evolved announcement form Harmonix and the return of Dance Central Spotlight for this fall.

Super ultra dead rising 3 arcade remix edition hyper Ex plus alpha DLC available now for Xbox One – WHAT?!?!  HAHA

This is the first time I’ve seen something that clearly couldn’t have existed on the previous consoles.  The fluidity of motion and over the top animations and effects are just crazy looking.

He’s going to be playing a live demo on stage now.

1:00 – Sunset Overdrive Trailer poking fun at military shooters.  Very tongue in cheek humor, from Insomiac.   Ted Price then comes out on stage to talk more about the game.

12:57 – Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer, October 7th release date.

Interview reel with developers talking about their First Game experience.

Showing the action from all 4 players screen right now.  game looks pretty stunning.  Pretty Gruesome ending to the trailer, but Ubisoft does always like to do something shocking anymore.

12:50Vincent Pontbriand takes the stage to introduce Assassin’s Creed Unity.  First time you can form a brotherhood and join up to 3 friends on XBL.  Gameplay demo.  Huge crowds of people.  Interior environments.  Certain buildings have interiors.  Multplayer looks fun as hell.

12:49 – EVOLVE takes the stage now.  Exclusive beta and DLC on Xbox.  Trailer showing gameplay and classes.

Ralph Fulton is out now to talk about Horizon 2.  Built on Forza 5’s graphic engine, dynamic day/night cycle and dynamic weather.  Game will run in full 1080p.  September 30th.   Trailer featuring the new Lamborghini Hurricane and showing the new weather effects.   Racing game trailers always get me super hyped for some reason.

Nurburgring is finally coming to Forza 5, starting today FREE of charge.  Looks incredible.

12:43 – Dan Grenawalt takes the stage to talk about the Forza Franchise.

There are crazy flying robot drone swarms, everyone has jumpjets, flying homing grenades, laser weaponry.  Looks like it might be pretty interesting for a change.   Facial animation looks good, lots of expression.

Not a trailer,  Realtime gameplay demo

12:35 – Call of Duty Advance Warfare trailer on Xbox One.  Looks all Future-Crazy.  DLC will be first on Xbox.

12:33 – Dedicating the ENTIRE briefing to games.  A novel idea.

12:31 – Phil Spencer takes the stage to get things started.

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12:26 – Everyone has been instructed to take their seats, showtime in less than 4 minutes.

12:24 – Major Nelson just announced Happy Wars is coming to Xbox One.  He’s out on the Green Carpet dropping hot announcements like that.  Man, kicking it up a notch with Happy Wars.

UPDATE:  T-Minus 14 minutes and counting.  Newest updates at the top.

Once again, Microsoft gets the honor of kicking off the E3 festivities!  Their press conference will start at 12:30 pm today, and Time Rust’s resident video game overlord, Eli, will be bringing you live updates as they happen.  You can keep up to date right here on this Live Blog.

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