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Sizzle Reel showing everything they just showed and some additional stuff.

The footage was captured from a PS4.  Naughty Dog Logo on screen.  Uncharted 4: AThief’s End  2015.

Well, that will basically be the best game ever created.  I can’t wait for that.  Exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare missions on PS4.  One last title to close out the show.

Batman Arkham Knight Footage.

Um, this is GTA V for PS4.  Coming this fall.  The current community of PS3 and Xbox 360 players can transfer their characters and progress to the PS4.

MGSV: The Phantom Pain Trailer.   I’m just going to watch.  You should find this somewhere later.

Insomniac is heavily involved in the movie.  Remastering the original game for PS4.  Movie and game coming first half of 2015.  The Last of Us remastered edition July 29th.  That game was so good.  The trailer they showed makes me want to play again.

Original programming like Powers will be free to Plus members.  Ratchet and Clank the Movie trailer.

Time for PlayStation Plus talk.

Talk about Powers.  New show based on the comic book.  Brian Michael Bendis comes out on stage to talk about Powers.

Teasers for new fatalities.  Super gory and over the top.  Looks like they put a lot of the stuff from Injustice into this game.

Gameplay footage from Mortal Kombat X premiers on stage.

The PlayStation TV will launch in the US this fall.  Allows remote play of PS4 games on another TV in your house. $99.  Also a bundle for $139 with a DS3, 8GB memory card and voucher for Lego Movie Videogame.

Remote play on Vita has had a positive response.  There are more than 100 Vita titles in development right now.  Minecraft is also coming to vita.

10:13 – PlayStation Now will be available as open beta on PS4 starting July 31st.  Then shortly after it will be available on PS3 and Vita as well.  Later this year it will come to select Sony TV’s.  All you need is a dual shock 3.  New title on the service at E3.

10:07 – talking about PSN.  Here come the numbers for online PS4.  Share button has been pressed 220 million times.  YouTube is coming to PS4 later this year.  You will be able to upload video captures to your channel.  This summer there will be new content for the Playroom to create your own broadcasting sets to customize your broadcasts.  More Free to Play titles are coming.  More than 25 in the next 12 months.

Jab at Microsoft and their Kinect bungle.  Talk about Project Morpheus.  2 new demos at E3.  Now it’s time for Shawn Layden to come out and talk.

Console debut on PS4.  No Man’s Sky.  Looks like it will be completely insane in scope.  Hello Games will have a crazy popular product on their hands.  Looks like different players will find new species and planets.  Completely Procedural, Infinite Universe.  Every player will start on a different planet at the beginning of the game.  No loading between planets and space from the looks of the trailers shown.  Massive space battles.  The promise they’re making on this game had better deliver, because it will be truly amazing.

Abzu.  Looks like more of that beautiful artsy type stuff that is completely captivating.  Tons of game titles shown on screen that are coming to PlayStation.

9:53 – Suda 51’s next game is only on PS4.  Let it Die.  Not sure what it will really be like, but it’s coming sometime in 2015.  Journey is nothing like this game.  Giant Squid premiers their brand new game.

Devolver Digital is bringing a bunch of titles to PlayStation platforms.  Looks like 5 titles in all.

Double Fine will be remastering Grim Fandango!  Exclusive to PS4 and Vita thanks to their partnership with Disney.

9:47 – New partnership with Paradox Interactive.  New Magicka 2 game coming.  Hilarious trailer ensues.

New partnership with Disney.  Exclusive Hulk for Disney Infinity.  Exclusive stuff for Destiny as well on launch day.

New trailer for Battlefield Hardline.  Looks like more of the level they showed earlier in the day at the EA presser.

Deep Silver trailer  full of zombies and humor.  Mostly Zombies though.  This game is Dead Island 2.  There will be Last of Us enemies and special themed dungeon in Diablo 3 Ultimate edition on PlayStation.  Strange crossover.

9:39 – Adam Boyes comes out now to talk.  You can invite your friends on PS3 and PS4 to join you even if they don’t have the game.  Only on Playstation platforms.

Impressive verticality to the levels.  Multiplayer Co-Op.  Gyrocopters.  Mayhem.  Elephants.

9:33 – Far Cry 4 takes the stage.  Looks like an actual gameplay demo.

Completely new IP from one of the industy’s most respected developers.  Trailer.  This is that game that everyone thought was Demon Souls 2.  It’s called Bloodborne.  Looks very Souls-esque.  From Software is developing.  Coming 2015.

All the existing levels from LBP and LBP 2 will transfer over thanks to the cloud they’re stored on with better graphics.

Coming in November.

Now a trailer for LBP3.

9:21 – Little Big Planet 3 on PS4.  Live gameplay demo.  New characters with new abilities.  New powerup items.  More depth to the environments.

Infamous: First Light has you playing as Fetch from Second Son.

Standalone DLC for Second Son coming later this summer from SuckerPunch.  Trailer for this now.

Scott Rohde comes out now to talk more about the game.  PS4 version is out right now for $9.99, and has cross buy for PS3 and Vita.

Entwined.  Team made up of recent gaming grads.  A game about 2 souls who are in love, but can’t be together.  Game is a dual stick control style where you control one character on each stick.

Trailer showing some kind of origami like creatures flying and swimming around.

9:11 – Another new IP only on PS4.  Super creepy looking.  I believe this is in engine.   Oh, it’s The Order 1886.  The bit about the power being out threw me off a bit.  Looks pretty scary.  Really good atmosphere.

Access to the Destiny first look Alpha for PS4 users starting on Thursday.  White PS4 Bundle that includes Destiny.  This makes me super jealous.

Andrew House the new Sony CEO comes out.  I already miss Jack Tretton.

Destiny Story Trailer is kicking things off.  Sony has such an impressive screen setup.  Custom sized video playing across it. Really cool looking.

9:04 – Looks like we’re underway now.

9:03 – Classic Sony late start.  Stay Tuned.

8:53 – We are about 7 minutes out now.  Grab the popcorn.  I’m looking forward to seeing Destiny.  I want to get hyped for that game, but recent news on it has made me concerned.  I trust that Bungie can pull it off, but certain things about the game have worried me.

8:15 – Under 45 minutes until Sony hits us with their best shot.


Anyone?  No?  Ok.

The Sony Press event closes out the day once again starting at 9pm.  Let us know what you hope to see by Tweeting us @Time_Rust_BT using hashtag #TimeRustE32014.

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