Creating Worlds (On Tabletop) Part 2: The World They’ll Die In

Now that you have the theme of your adventure, you’ll need to build a world for it to live in.  Take the ideas and notes you have and spread them out, taking stock of what you have bouncing around in your head.

Lay out the races you want present in your game, and build appropriate territory for each one.  Build your towns ,and draw your rivers.  Place your mountains, and grow your forests.  Once you have your map drawn out, it usually comes together quickly from there.

Another place you’ll want to start is the exact point where your adventure will begin.  Will it begin in a tavern?  A cave?  Wherever it may be, your best bet is to start there and spiral outward.  Let the story help you spin your theme into a living, breathing world.  Where a tavern is made, a town springs up around it.  Where a town is built, a territory  pops up.  Territories also must answer to a kingdom.

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A third option is to only create what you need, and reveal it to your players as you go.  The only thing of this option is that it lends to a linear story.  Some people require a straight line from point A to B.  We all know that “herding cats” can be rough sometimes if you give your players too much of a world to run around in.

Now, plant your theme into the fertile soil of your ideas and water it with creativity.  Soon, you’ll have what you need to start your adventure.  A living breathing world with a wealth of peoples and nations.  All of which will help you start an adventure.

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