Comic Con 2013 Recap Pt 1

Every year during the second week in October nerds, geeks and fan boys from across the nation gather at the Jacob K. Javits in New York for the east coast Comic Con. This year my sister and I joined the over 130,000+ people for the 4 day con. We had a stellar time in the city with food and fun. The Con itself was epic and full of premieres and special announcements. Over the next couple of articles I will be writing a plethra of articles filled with reviews, announcements and cool stories from NYCC. So lets get it started…Captain-Marvel-001-Leinil-Yu-Cover-610x933

Marvel Entertainment came out swinging with several big announcements first was there big push for solo women books. Captain Marvel is relaunching with a new #1in March 2014.  Kelly Sue DeConnick will be writing with art by David Lopez. The first arc is titled “Higher, Faster, Further, More”, Carol is going to space for adventures in the vein of Flash Gordon. Senior editor Steve Wacker mentioned that over the next few years Captain Marvel will be one of the most noticeable Marvel characters around. Also announced for March 2014 was Electra #1 written by Zeb Wells with art by Mike Delmundo. Electra will be doing things on her own away from her one emotional tether Daredevil. Marvel Editor Sana Amanat mention that Electra’s costume will be sightly modified saying, “I’m covering up her butt a little bit, because that’s what I prefer.” Electra’s first arc is titled Crimsion Dance and it involves her hunting down a guild of assassins.



Frank Castle returns with a purpose and a cause in February’s Punisher #1. Written by Nathan Edmondson with art by Mitch Gerads this time Frank takes his war on crime to the city of Angels. Hunting for the head of all organized crime the Punisher finds himself being hunted. When asked about Punisher recruit Rachel Alves at the Superior Spider-Man panel, Wacker said they don’t have plans for her to show up in his book but she may show up somewhere else. Following that New Warriors #1 was announced for February 2014 written by Chris Yost with art by Marcus To. “The team was doing a Robin title at DC back when I understood those books,” Wacker joked. The New Warriors are brought together when the High Evolutionary has deemed all aliens, clones, mutants and inhumans a threat to humanity and embarks on an ethnic cleansing. The team will be composed of NW mainstays like Speedball and Justice. They will be joined by Nova, Scarlet Spider, Sun Girl and Water Snake.  Wacker stated that the New Warriors will have a feel between the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans and Bryan K. Vaughn’s Runaways. The question poised of the young team is what is their place in the world where the Avengers exist.




Well that about wraps up part one of this recap there is a ton more news to come including Reviews for the CW show’s “The 100” and “The Tomorrow People”, Fox’s “Almost Human”. News from the Legend of Korra panel, Cup O’ Joe and Sleepy Hollow panels and tons more.


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