Time Rust Brain Trust 7-23-15 SDCC 2015


Marqees and Professor Han discuss the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. Will there be surprises? Will anyone find the magic of comics? Did Stan Lee create The Hulk after killing a hooker?

Time Rust Brain Trust 7-30-15

Crazy discussions explode! Complaints about Arrow, John Cena face destruction, Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition, and more! Pop-up Powerbomb a baby, it’s a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust Podcast 3-19-15

What’s Final Fantasy XV Duscae? It’s a good thing that will melt your eyeballs! Eli takes time to explain that while Marqees and Professor Han bask in the glory of The Flash. How much does an electron weigh? Just enough! It’s time for a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust 2-26-2015

There’s SNOW way in heck that a blizzard will keep the Time Rust Brain Trust from gathering all the might in the universe to talk about the latest in gaming, movies, comics, wrestling, and more! Come nerd out with Marqees, Eli, Shantel, and Professor Han!

Time Rust Brain Trust 10-2-14

The fall brings much with it including pumpkin spice, dead leaves, and stink bugs. It also marks the return of the Time Rust Brain Trust podcast. Just in time for the new wave of epic games, TRBT will be covering Destiny, Gotham, Shadows of Mordor, and much more! Don’t forget to flush twice, it’s a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust 8-14-14


When a week is eventful, it is super eventful! The Time Rust Brain Trust podcast has two modes this time. First mode is to pay tribute to Robin Williams with fond memories of his performances. Second mode is coverage of Gamescom 2014. Nathan, Steve, and Eli discuss the hottest topics in gaming today. Bring tissues and a notepad, it’s a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust podcast 8-7-14

The Time Rust Brain Trust podcast is loaded to the brim with editors and love for Guardians of The Galaxy. Xbox Live’s Games with Gold is discussed at length, as well as new additions to Arrow and the unfortunate decisions made involving Twitch.tv policy. I hope you don’t like listening to gameplay streams if they are replays! Check yourself before you touch an Infinity Stone, it’s a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust Podcast 7-31-14 San Diego Comic-Con Edition



San Diego Comic-Con is upon us once again! The Time Rust Brain Trust maneuvers the many panels and brings you a tasty treat that can’t be beat! Who won SDCC? Find out! Come one and come all, it is a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust Podcast 7-24-14

Join the Time Rust Brain Trust as the first day of San Diego Comic-Con concludes and speculation of further announcements abound. Eli hates The Purge Anarchy without watching it. Marqees suffers from mental illness. Nathan wishes he could travel in time to fix what went wrong with the ‘cast. Sam asks Al how to leap back home. Al replies, “Ziggy says you need to PODCAST!”

Time Rust Brain Trust 7-17-14

Can the Time Rust Brain Trust outlast the onslaught of summer movies? Stay tuned to find out as Marqees, Shantel, Eli, and Nathan deliberate Marvel’s big announcements, Microsoft’s sad announcement, and Kenta coming to WWE! This one might take two flushes, it’s a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust 7-3-14


The Time Rust Brain Trust podcast strikes out into new territory this week with gold in them thar hills! Eli talks games. Steve and Nathan talk Transformers Age of Extinction. Trapper Keeper talks about eating all of the guys that were just mentioned? Is this a Little Shop of Horrors? No, Seymour, it’s a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust 6-26-14


Another high octane Time Rust Brain Trust coming your way! The team talks about Shovel Knight, 24’s murder fest, and more of the big stories of the week. Steve breakdances into your hearts! Bust a move, it’s a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust podcast 6-19-14

Time to check out the Time Rust Brain Trust! A lightning fast round table discussion of Guardians of the Galaxy, Super Street Fighter 4, Ghostbusters Lego, and Harrison Ford’s leg! Shantel levels up! Nathan wears the championship title belt (buckle)! Insane in the membrane! Insane in the PODCAST!   Feel … Continue reading

The Time Rust Brain Trust Podcast – Episode 001


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