Iron Man 3 – Review

Robert Downey Jr. once again teams up with director Shane Black (Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang) for the final installment of this Iron Man trilogy.     **Warning Spoilers Ahead***   As a comic book fan I was totally jazzed when I found out that Iron Man 3 was going to be based … Continue reading

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review

The Rock leads an “almost” new team of Joes against the forces of Cobra.   When we last left the GI Joe team, the franchise was in shambles. There was black leather armor, CG power suits, Dr. Mindbender/Cobra Commander and Marlon Wayans. In this installment the franchise gets a much needed … Continue reading

Olympus Has Fallen Review

Gerard Butler gears up to take down some North Koreans in a movie that is so American that you need to watch it while eating apple pie and singing the National Anthem.

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Olympus Has Fallen is, in my opinion, the first big summer blockbuster. The movie stars Gerard Butler (300, The Ugly Truth) as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning. Butler leads an all-star cast which includes Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight, Battle: Los Angeles) as President Benjamin Asher and Morgan Freeman (Shawshank Redemption, Bruce Almighty) as Speaker Trumbull. Olympus boasts itself as the first summer blockbuster and rightfully so. It is fast paced and action packed. The film gives us some perspective as it is closely tied to real world events involving North and South Korea and the growing unrest in that region.

You mess with the Freeman you get the horns!

Olympus is a straight up patriotic action flick. It stuffs America down your throat and I loved every bit of it. Butler does a great job of being that Marine/Special Forces type that will do what it takes to get the job done. Rick Yune (The Fast and the Furious, Ninja Assassin) plays the villian, Kang, a cold and calculating idealist that is determined to destroy America. Yune and Butler played off each other well as two patriots of their respective countries trying to complete their missions. The fight choreography was fast paced and brutal with Banning dispatching the North Korean enemies with precise efficiency. The special effects were decent but the sound effects editing gave the film substance.

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Of course, as with every film, there were some down points.  The film makes our military look incompetent, especially during the initial attack scene on the White House. This trend continues throughout the movie and I know it is to progress the skills of Banning, but making the military look stupid is unnecessary.  There was also the subplot with the wife that went nowhere. I don’t really know why she was even included in the story since they did nothing with her character. Flaws aside, Olympus Has Fallen was a great American action flick and a great way to start the summer blockbuster season. If you want a good action flick with some substance, give this film a try.

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