Bravest Warriors: A New Show Of Awesometacular Proportions!

Pendleton Ward brings us another show that shines as much as Adventure Time, but doesn’t carry the restrictions of Cancel Network! HUZAH!


I am an avid fan of Adventure Time, which is one of the few reasons I still believe in Cartoon Network.  The show incorporates great writing and the tropes I enjoy with a healthy dose of humor and equal parts crazy.  Bravest Heroes carries a lot of the same ideas with it, but without the CN restrictions.  Most episodes are rated TV-PG, while some are TV-14.  They air on Frederator Studios’ YouTube channel Cartoon Hangover.

The show follows a team of four heroes, Chris, Beth, Danny, and Wallow as they help the people of the galaxy.  They battle evil with the power of their emotions, manifesting them in the form of animals.  These in turn morph into special attacks and weapons, which is pretty rad.  They live in an invisible base on Neo Mars, which isn’t secret, just invisible…because its cooler that way.  It has a great group dynamic and a lot of the random craziness from Adventure Time’s styles.  As someone who values good writing and quality direction of what I’m watching, I highly recommend Bravest Warriors, and anything from Pendleton Ward for that matter.

If you like good things, and having fun while watching stuff on the interwebs, I highly recommend Bravest Warriors.  Subscribe, Like, and Share this great show!

Oxidization Level: 4/5

Bravest Heroes and all pictures are property of Pendleton Ward and Cartoon Hangover

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