Avengers Vs…The Archer


Clint Barton is the one of the worlds best marksman. After being orphaned and growing up in the circus he was trained by the criminals Trick Shot and Swordsman. His training with the 2 gives him considerable skill with the blade and the bow respectively. Later during his time with the Avengers he was trained in tactics and hand to hand combat by Captain America. Clint athletic ability rivals the greatest of Olympic athletes. In combat Hawkeye uses a variety of ‘trick arrows’ including Adamantium Arrows, Cable Arrow, Magnetic Arrowhead and the Pym Particles Arrow. Hawkeye’s bow takes 250 lbs to draw that’s a lot of torque to shoot an arrow. To combat someone with weapon proficiently you will need someone with equal to or greater talent. For that I call upon Barney Barton aka Trickshot.


Barney Barton is Clint’s older brother who spent most of his childhood training at the circus with Swordsman as well. However Barney left the circus joined the army and later the FBI. Between all of his training Barney became a marksman and very skilled hand to hand combatant. After his “death” by Egghead Barney received the same archery training from the criminal Trick Shot as his brother did. However Barney caught on much faster being able to shoot as well as Clint without the years of experience Clint had. Barney uses an array of trick arrows like his brother. The brothers are similar in a lot of ways but Trickshot won’t hesitate to make the killing blow.


Next time on Avengers Vs… who can stop the “Amazing Spider-Man”!!!

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