Avengers VS…The Amazing, Spectacular One

Spider-Man has been one of my hardest entries to date. He is one of the most well balanced and near perfect Avengers on the roster. There are numerous amounts of time where Peter Parker has stood against gods and aliens alike only to come out victorious. One of Spider-Man’s greatest attributes is his resolve in a fight he just doesn’t quit. Even when fighting superior beings like Captain Universe, the Juggernaut and the totem hunting Morlun he keeps going even to the point of death. Of course Peter’s resolve is not the only dangerous thing he has going for him. Pete also has the proportionate strength, speed, agility and intelligence of a spider. Spider-Man can lift up to 10 tons with ease, run up to 200 miles per hour and can dodge automatic gun fire. Like the song says he does what ever a spider can and that includes leaping long distances, the ability to cling to all types of surfaces and one of the most awesome abilities the “Spider-Sense”. The “Spider-Sense” is a pheromone based precognition which can alert Peter to danger that’s about to befall him. It also increase his awareness and reaction time this allows him to swing about New York without seeing where he is shooting his web next. Peter has honed the “Spider-Sense” to the point where it can act as his second pair of eyes. Take for example when Daken blinded him with his pheromones during the “American Son” story arc, Spider-Man closed his eyes and used only his “spider-sense” to beat him. Even if Peter doesn’t has his “Spider-Sense” he has developed his own form of martial arts with the help of fellow Avenger, Shang Chi, called “The Way of the Spider”. He has also received personalized combat training from Captain America. Peter is also a scientific genius with a degree in Biophysics but he is also well versed in applied sciences, chemistry, mechanics and mathematics to name a few. Peter is also a brilliant tactician and leader. Spider-Man has the potential to be the greatest hero of the Marvel Universe. Who can measure up to that?Black Panther 2

I leave that to the King of Panther’s, former king of Wakanda T’Challa. T’Challa matches Peter in a lot of ways but he also surpasses him in many. T’Challa has been groomed for combat since he was a small child. He is a master of almost all forms of martial arts. He has held his own against some of the Marvel Universes most skilled combatants including Daredevil, Iron Fist, Captain America and Wolverine. T’Challa is also a weapons master specializing in blades swords, knives, etc. It is widely speculated that T’Challa has mastered every known weapon. Panther is also a master strategist learning from his father to be 2 steps ahead of his enemies and 3 steps ahead of his friends. Panther has been known for out thinking the Marvel U’s brightest minds such as Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Dr. Doom. Adding to that he is one of the words smartest men ranking in at #6 on the list. T’Challa is a master tracker and hunter, he can pick a prey’s scent from a crowd of thousands. Now after taking the “Heart-Shaped Herb” T’Challa’s strength, speed, agility, durability, healing and endurance have increased to Superhuman level’s. He is known to stop an Elephant’s charge head on, wrestling with a Rhino and breaking his neck and so on. His agility and reaction time is greater than that of Olympic class gymnast. Panther has a high tolerance for stress and pain, far greater than the average human. The extent of most of these traits are unknown, but during “Infinity” Panther bested Thanos own Black Dwarf in hand to hand combat. His suit is composed of Vibranium which absorbs kinetic energy and disperses it even allowing Panther to leap from great distances, allows him to walk in complete silence, and take blows from the Hulk. I haven’t even begun to touch “Shadow Physics” which combines magic and science. Recently T’Challa was chosen to be the Black Panther for the Panther goddess, with this honor she blessed T’Challa with the abilities and knowledge of all the Black Panther’s before him. This has elevated T’Challa stats to unknown and uncharted territories being that there were generations of Panther’s before him. Pete just couldn’t handle that.Black Panther 1

Tune in next time when I try to find someone to match “The Best at what he does”


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