Avengers VS…Spy vs Spy


Natasha Romanoff in by all means the personification of a spy. She has the spy background being trained in the secret Russian ‘Red Room’ division of Department X. In the Red Room she was brainwashed and then trained in espionage and combat. Naasha was also altered with biotechnology that makes her extremely resistant to age and disease. The biotech upgrades also allow her to heal faster than the average human. Widow is also trained in multiple styles of martial arts including karate, ninjitsu, judo, savante and aikido just to name a few. She is also proficient in armed combat including melee weapons and firearms. When not using guns she has her wrist mounted bracelets which act as pistols as well and have a widow’s bite which hits theopponent with 30,000 bolts of electricity. Not only that she is an Olympic Class athlete stemming from the Red Room version of the Super Solider Serum. She has a supremely fast reaction time, she is so fast that she can dodge a bullet from point-blank range. Beyond that she is a master of psychological warfare and a master tactician. Natasha has also trained under the Winter Solider for espionage. To top it off Natasha is one of 3 people on the entire planet to have the “Level 10” SHIELD access, the other 2 being Daisy Johnson and Nick Fury himself. With a spy this good who can match her.


For this task I call upon Mockingbird. Bobbi Morse is only a “Level 6” SHIELD agent but she graduated the top of her SHIELD class. For most of her SHIELD tenure Mockingbird has had no powers yet her hand to hand prowess is said to be on par with Steve Rodgers. She fights with dual batons that can be combined into a bow staff, however she is proficient with multiple weapons.  Mockingbird has proved that she can handle herself just fine including the time during the Dark Reign where she held her own against the Wrecking Crew before being saved the Dark Avengers. During a battle with the remnants of Hammer and their then leader Superia she is wounded in battle to save her life Nick Fury injecting her with a combination of the Super Solider Serum and the Infinity Serum. This mystery serum has given her the abilities of both serum and now makes Bobbi an even more formidable opponent.


Next time on Avengers Vs…Who can out shoot Hawkeye?

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