Avengers Vs…Part 4 The Strongest There Is

When dealing with the Avengers one must expect to come across the Hulk. Created from a gamma bomb accident Bruce Banner became the Hulk, a living embodiment of rage. As the Hulk, Banner becomes a huge creature who gains strength the angrier he gets, which means he has the potential for limitless strength. However it is lead to believe that Hulk’s strength is held back by Banner’s subconscious. Hulk has regenerative properties that surpasses Wolverine and Deadpool. Hulk’s speed, regeneration, and endurance also increase with his rage. The Hulk is the most dangerous creature on the planet. How do you stop an unstoppable dangerous rage monster with near infinite strength? With another Hulk of course.2911410-red_hulk

Gen. Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross chased the Hulk for years and failed miserably. However thanks to the schizophrenic Doc Samson and the evil think tank The Intelligencia, he became the Red Hulk. Red Hulk or “Rulk” as he is nicknamed, was the answer for the Hulk. He has Hulk level strength with the tactical genius and military training to take it to the next level. He also has the ability to absorb all types of energy including Gamma radiation. Absorbing these energies can augment his already vast strength speed and agility. Rulk once used his absorbing powers to drain Hulk which reverted him back to Bruce Banner. Instead of him getting stronger due to rage his core body temperature rises, too much rage will cause him to weaken. That aside, Rulk is a force to be reckoned with and is one of the few who could stand toe to toe with the Hulk and live to tell about it.


Next time on Avengers Vs… Half Woman, Half Amazing, all Super Spy… Enter the Black Widow!!!

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