Avengers vs…Part 2

This one took a few weeks to think about and research because Tony Stark pretty much outshines everyone when it comes to building things. With a nickname like ‘The Engineer” it is pretty much self-explanatory. Degrees in multiple fields including electrical and mechanical engineering with expertise in physics, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science Stark is not to be trifled with. However with all that Tony’s greatest achievement  is the Iron Man armor. As Iron Man Stark has a variety of abilities including flight, superhuman strength, durability and energy projection.  On top of all that Stark has multiple models of the armors including stealth, deep-sea and the Hulkbuster. When dealing with a man who can build anything and has an amazing suit of armor who do you call to combat him?


Enter former Alpha Flight and current X-Man Madison Jeffries. Madison Jeffries was a member of the X-Men’s science team dubbed X-Club.  Jeffries, although not as smart as Tony, has an amazing knowledge of machines and technology but I didn’t choose Madison just because of his tech know how. See, Jeffries is a mutant with the power to transmute glass, plastic and metal into anything his imagination can conjure up. That can be pretty handy especially when you add that to his armored suit named Box. Box has similar abilities to the Iron Man armor including superhuman strength, speed, and durability. Jeffries can use his transmutation powers on the armor to increase its size and strength. With all that there is still one more ability that Jeffries has that will help him overcome Iron Man and that is his secondary mutation technopathy. Technopathy is the ability to communicate and control technology. Chew on that for a second. Tony Stark’s main form of combat is with technology. What do you do when someone can jack your stuff with his mind and then kick you out of it and beat you with his own souped up armor? Or after ejecting Stark from the armor Jeffries could merge Box with the Iron Man armor to give Box the ultimate boost. Without tech Tony is just a dude and without tech Jeffries is a mutant with the ability to transmute glass, plastic and metal to his will…’nuff’ said.

Next time on Avengers Vs… who can stop a Norse Thunder God with an nasty temper.

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