Avengers vs…? Part 1


NickFury2The Avengers are only as strong as their leader and no one leads quite like Captain America. Cap is the glue that holds them together, the man who formulates the attack plan and commands the field. In order to stop the rouge Avengers you are going to need a leader who not only commands respect and but can lead just as well as Cap.  Enter Nicholas J. Fury, my team’s leader.


Col. Fury has decades of experience in leading teams and groups in both the military with the Howling Commandos and the private sector with SHIELD. The Colonel is a master at team building which means he knows who to pair with who for maximum team efficiency. He also has access to hundreds of secret SHIELD Fury bases all over the world that only he knows about. Fury is an excellent hand to hand combatant with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. He can also hold his own in unarmed combat with the Captain. Besides that he is a Green Beret, a trained paratrooper, demolitions expert, master of disguise and the world’s for most spy. Besides his years of training Nick Fury also has access to a plethora of weapons and tech including the Ultimate Nullifier, Iron Man armor Mark II, Goblin Gliders, Captain America’s holo shield and Doom’s time machine. And that’s just to name a few.

In the end Fury’s do anything to win attitude is his strongest attribute and is exactly what is needed to fight the Avengers. He will climb every mountain and jump every hurdle to win even if it means blowing up the mountain and breaking the hurdles to do so.

Next time on Avengers Vs… Who can match tech know how with the engineer himself, Tony Stark?

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