Agent Carter casts Two Actors

Agent Carter has two actors Chad Michael Murray and Enver Gjokaj. Murray who is known for his role in One Tree Hill will be playing SSR Agent Jack Thompson. Gjokaj known for his role on Dollhouse will be playing Agent Daniel Souza. Agent Carter is due to start in early … Continue reading

Veronica Mars Review

As a fan of the TV series that aired in 2004 and was later cancelled in 2007 , I was thrilled when I found out that one of my favorite show was coming back to life. When I heard about the Kickstarter project I knew that I had to become … Continue reading

Arrow: Season 2 Finale Review

After an already amazing season 2, the finale titled “Unthinkable” had high expectations from fans, and it did not disappoint. Team Arrow is in the clock tower waiting to find out if the cure they injected into Roy is going to work. As the soldiers descend on the tower Roy … Continue reading

Goodbye, Dunder Mifflin

After nine years we say good-bye to Dunder Mifflin in a very emotional episode. The final episode is set one year after the documentary has aired and everyone has come together at the wedding of Dwight and Angela. During the episode we find out what happened to some of our … Continue reading