Arrow – “Tremors” Episode Review

620-x-338-Colton-Haynes-Roy-HarperOllie officially begins to train Roy Harper the 12th episode of the season. The episode starts with Ben Turner aka the Bronze Tiger (played by Michael Jai White) breaking out of prison with the help of a mysterious benefactor. Tiger is broken out of jail to recover the prototype earthquake machine, which destroyed the Glades in Season 1, in Malcolm Merlyn’s home. Meanwhile Ollie is struggling to train Roy as the effects of the Mirakuru is amplifying his rage. Ollie tries explaining what happened to Slade without giving up his identity but this just further alienates Roy. Desperate Roy begs to go on patrol with Ollie who reluctantly agrees. The duo’s first outing does not go well as they encounter Bronze Tiger in Merlyn’s secret basement a fight breaks out but Ollie has to let the villain free when Roy loses control on a thug. Arrow-Bronze-Tiger-2Ollie’s flashbacks this week were centered on his guilt about Shado dying and if he should tell Slade the truth. Sarah talks him out of it stating that love is a power motivator or something to that effect. Slade tries to use one of the old missile launchers to destroy Ivo’s boat but he is stopped by Ollie who told him that Shado loved him bring Slade down off his rage. Back in present day Ollie and Team Arrow discover the location of the device exchange and Ollie races to comfort Tiger and his benefactor. Things go haywire when Roy appears and throws Tiger around and the benefactor activates the device, locks it in a shipping container and destroys the remote. With the city being threatened and no way to open the container, Ollie reveals his identity to Roy in hopes of spurring the young man to act with his heart in a desperate attempt to save the city, which succeeds. The episode ends with Roy officially joining “Team Arrow” and Amanda Waller approaching Bronze Tiger in jail hinting towards the Suicide Squad.

All in all this was a good episode, I love the partnership of Roy and Ollie and can’t wait to see how that continues to grow. I am over the whole Laurel story, she is as bad as Lana Lang was in “Smallville”.  The Laurel character needs to evolve or die. I was very happy to see Walter back in the mix getting Moria to run for Mayor against Sebastian Blood which will make up for some interesting stories down the road. Over all a solid issue.

Oxidation Level 4 out 5

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