Arrow: Season 2 Finale Review

After an already amazing season 2, the finale titled “Unthinkable” had high expectations from fans, and it did not disappoint. Team Arrow is in the clock tower waiting to find out if the cure they injected into Roy is going to work. As the soldiers descend on the tower Roy wakes up and is cured, Team Arrow escapes Lyla shows up and blows up the tower. The gang heads back to the foundry and to gather arrows to take down the soldiers. Sara shows up with Nyssa and the League to help Oliver. Which leads Nyssa into telling Oliver that maybe if hadn’t taken the vow not to kill his city would not be burning. Slade kidnaps Laurel, while the Mirakuru soldiers head toward the tunnels to try and get out of the city. With everyone pressuring Oliver to break his vow to kill especially now that Laurel has been kidnap, Felicity reminds Oliver that he still has a choice and all he needs to do is out smart Slade.Unthinkable

Meanwhile Lyla and Diggle break into A.R.G.U.S. and let out the suicide squad to help stop Amanda from destroying the city. While confronting Amanda she lets out a secret that Lyla has been keeping for Diggle, they are going to have a baby. As Diggle is finding out he is going to be a father Roy meets up with Thea and he tells her he is done with the Arrow stuff but has one more thing to do before they leave. He asks her to wait here and pack and he will be right back. While Thea is packing she comes across Roy’s bow and arrow and leaves. She leaves Roy a not saying she is not the same girl she once was and that she can’t trust him. Thea says that she is leaving town and doesn’t want Roy to try to find her. We see her get into a limo with Malcolm Merlyn and they leave Starling City.images-1

The Oliver and Felicity reached a new height when Oliver told Felicity that Slade took the wrong women and that he loves her. The moment left fans of the pair like myself speechless. The emotion in the scene between the two had the audience believing that this was real. Oliver leaves Felicity at the mansion and heads to the tunnels to take down Slade’s army. Once the army is defeated Oliver gets a call from Slade telling him that he has kidnapped Felicity. As Slade brings Felicity and Laurel out Oliver tells Slade that he underestimated him so much so he didn’t see the real danger in front of him. Felicity pulls the cure out of her pocket and stabs Slade with it. As Oliver and Slade fight in the present we see flashbacks to their final fight on the island and instead of killing Slade like he did on the island Oliver keeps him a live.images-3

The Lance sisters had a nice moment at the end as Sara prepares to leave with the League she gives her leather jacket to Laurel and subsequently handling the rains to Laurel to be Black Carney. Detective Lance looks at Laurel after Sara hands her the jacket and says, “Don’t get any ideas.” As the they walk away after seeing Sara off  Detective Lance begins to cough up blood and collapse. It seems as though some of the injuries he stained during the fight were a lot serious then they thought.

 Slade wakes up in a jail cell and we find out they have locked him up in purgatory in A.R.G.U.S new max security prison. Oliver and Felicity share a moment on the beach were she tells him that she almost believed him when he said I love you and that he sold it well. He replies to her by saying “We both did” which leaves fan believing that maybe it all wasn’t just a ruse to get to Slade. As Team Arrow shares a moment on the beach we find out that Oliver was not just stranded on Lian Yu but was taken to Hong Kong by Amanda Waller.

It looks like in season 3 we will get the back story of how Oliver knows Amanda Waller and what happened between them. Over all this was an amazing season finale and I’m looking forward to what season 3 is going to bring us.

Oxidation Level 5 0ut 5

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