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This past Tuesday marked the highly anticipated premiere of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. SHIELD is a television show spinning off from the cinematic Marvel Universe. The show stars Clark Gregg as the highly popular and newly resurrected Agent Phil Coulsen. Coulsen was seemingly killed off in ‘The Avengers’ movie, he is now back and tasked with leading a highly trained team to investigate the weird, the strange, and superhuman. Given a brand new high tech plane and unlimited resources they are to keep the world safe from what they are not ready for.

Coulsen’s team is decent but not quite what I was expecting. Save for Ming-Na Wen’s Melinda May who is a really good mysterious character, the team feels too much like Buffy the Vampire Slayer lite. I understand the concept of wanting to cast young, hip, beautiful people in roles to gain audience views but I would still like to see more grizzled season vets among the ranks. Thinking about it can we get some super powered agents, I understand the concept they are fighting the unknown but can we get some nano tech to augment strength, super suits, something. Having the agents being beaten to a pulp every episode is not going to go over well. In the comics SHIELD agents have the tech to combat the powers lets see more of that in the show. Let’s give them some kind of edge against villains.

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Overall the episode wasn’t bad it gave us something to look forward to. I dug the mentions of the extremis from ‘Iron Man 3’ and Natasha ‘Black Widow’ Romanov. Colbie Sumthers reprising her role as Nick Fury’s right hand Agent Maria Hill was a very nice touch. Let’s hope after ‘HIMYM’ is done with the final season she makes more cameos. The pilot left something to be desired like a known Marvel comics big bad like AIM, the Hand, or Hydra. Coulsen’s team needs to find themselves beyond quirky one liners and awkward moments, hopefully the season delivers us something worth our time.


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