Time Rust Brain Trust 7-23-15 SDCC 2015


Marqees and Professor Han discuss the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. Will there be surprises? Will anyone find the magic of comics? Did Stan Lee create The Hulk after killing a hooker?

Time Rust Brain Trust 7-30-15

Crazy discussions explode! Complaints about Arrow, John Cena face destruction, Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition, and more! Pop-up Powerbomb a baby, it’s a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust Podcast 3-19-15

What’s Final Fantasy XV Duscae? It’s a good thing that will melt your eyeballs! Eli takes time to explain that while Marqees and Professor Han bask in the glory of The Flash. How much does an electron weigh? Just enough! It’s time for a podcast!

Time Rust Brain Trust 2-26-2015

There’s SNOW way in heck that a blizzard will keep the Time Rust Brain Trust from gathering all the might in the universe to talk about the latest in gaming, movies, comics, wrestling, and more! Come nerd out with Marqees, Eli, Shantel, and Professor Han!